1. 1.   We only take 1 small dog  at a time (or up to 3 from the same home) up to Springer Spaniel size.            

  2. 2.Please bring your dog’s bed; food; collar; lead and any other items you would like your dog to have - raincoat, toys, dog chews etc. I have water and food bowls but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

  3. 3.Please ensure that your dog is clean and free from fleas. We don’t accept bitches in season or  uncastrated males. We reserve the right to refuse any dog that does not meet these requirements.

  4. 4.Cancellations must be made via phone, text or email as soon as possible.

  5. 5.We reserve the right to return or kennel (at your expense!) your dog should it behave aggressively.

  6. 6.If your dog requires veterinary care we will firstly try your emergency number but reserve the right to call a vet in an emergency. A signed registration form giving your permission and agreement to pay the veterinary fees incurred will be required.

  7. 7.We take every precaution to look after your pet but cannot be held responsible or liable for any injury, illness or death whilst in our care.

  8. 8.Should you fail to collect your dog, after making every attempt to contact you over time, we ultimately reserve the right to re-home your dog.

  9. 9.All dogs are left entirely at the owner’s risk & your signed registration form will be filed to apply to your first & any subsequent bookings.


07340 52 4343